Connecting additional equipment.


Before Connecting an additional equipment, You should take notice that:

  • When making connections, make sure the colour of cables matches the colour of jacks.

  • Always refer to the owner’s manual of the other equipment for complete connection and usage details.

  • Some discs can not be recorded through a VCR or digital recording device due to they are copy-protected.

Viewing and listening to the playback of other equipment

  1. Connect the system’s AUX IN (R/L) jacks to the AUDIO OUT jacks on the other audio/ visual device (such as a TV, VCR, Laser Disc player or cassette deck).

  2. press AUX on the remote repeatedly in order to activate the input source.

Connecting an active subwoofer

  • Connect the DVD micro system’s WOOFER OUT jack to the AUDIO INPUT jack on an active woofer (not supplied).

Recording (digital)

  • Connect the system’s DIGITAL OUT (COAXIAL or OPTICAL) jack to the DIGITAL IN jack on a digital recording device.Before starting operation, set SPDIF.

Connecting a digital amplifier

  • Connect the DIGITAL OUT (COAXIAL or OPTICAL) port to the coaxial/optical input jack of a digital amplifier with a coaxial/optical cable (not supplied) for superior digital sound effect.

Addtional equipment Connection(Example Only)

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