How do I remove parts of a recording from the hard disk drive? (e.g. commercials or spaces between episodes)


Proceed as follows to remove part of a recording (i.e. the commercials):
A) Find the beginning of the commercial break and press Pause
B) Select INSERT MARKER to insert a marker at this location.
C) Find the end of the commercial break and press Pause
D) Select INSERT MARKER to insert another marker.
E) Go back to the first Marker or any location between the two markers and select HIDE MARKER

Detailed description:

  If you transfer the recording to a DVD, the hidden chapter will not be included and the material will be lost.

  • Press the HDD button on the remote control to access the hard disk menu.

  • Use the UP / DOWN arrow keys on the remote control to select a title and press PLAY to start playback.

  • Use the LEFT / RIGHT buttons (see picture below) to search the video for the locations where you want to place the markers.

    Press the same buttons repeatedly if you want to increase increase the search speed (4x, 8x, 16x or 32x).

    If you press the skip LEFT / RIGHT buttons, you can search the video with 5 minute increments.

  • When you have found the beginning of the part that you want to hide press the Pause button on the remote control.

  • Press the EDIT key on the remote control to access the HDD Edit Scene Menu.

  • Press the UP / DOWN arrow keys on the remote control to select on of the following options:
    Insert Marker, Hide Chapter, Insert / Delete Marker, Delete All, Divide Title.

    Function descriptions:
    • Insert Marker: Inserts a new marker at this current point of playback.
      This allows you to access this specific point in the recording or set a chapter you wish to hide.
      Press OK on the remote control to add a marker. Press EDIT to continue browsing the video.
    • Hide / Unhide Chapter: Hides or unhides the current section.
      If the recorder is in the Edit mode, the hidden sections will be marked in grey. In the normal playback mode, the hidden chapters will be skipped.
      Press OK on the remote control and the chapter will be hidden. Press EDIT to continue browsing the video.

      The label ¨Hide Chapter´ in the menu will have changed to ´Unhide Chapter´.
    • Delete Marker: Deletes the current chapter marker (the marker closest to the current location).
      This function will attach the current section to the preceeding chapter; thus forming one new chapter.
      Press OK on the remote control to remove the marker. Press EDIT to resume browsing the video.
    • Delete All: Deletes all chapter markers in the current title.
      Press OK on the remote control, followed by OK to remove all markers or STOP to cancel.
    • Divide Title: Creates a new video that starts on the present location.
      This function will splt the original video into two separate titles. Once a title has been divided, you will no longer have the option to ´glue´ the individual parts back together. If you want to leave a title intact, we suggest you use the ´Hide Chapter´ feature described earlier.
      Press OK followed by OK to split the video or STOP to cancel.

      Press EDIT to exit the menu

You cannot edit copy protected material.

There is a limit to the number of chapter markers that you can insert in one particular video.

When you play a recording in the Video Edit mode, the hidden scenes will be displayed as usual.




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