Using WADM to back up/restore Music Center's music files


  1. Directly connect Music Center to your PC or access point with the supplied (orange) Ethernet cable

  2. Check that you have installed Wireless Audio Device Manager (WADM) on your PC

  3. Double-click the desktop icon to launch WADM

  4. A list of found Music Centers appears. Select the desired Music Center, and then click "Connect now"

Backup Music Center’s music library to your PC

  1. Click Backup Content

  2. Follow the screen instructions to back up Music Center’s music files to your PC. Backup files are named after the current date

  3. Click OK, and the music files start backing up to your PC

  4. Click OK after the backup completes

Restore your PC’s backup files to Music Center

  1. Click Restore Content

  2. Click to highlight the file you want to restore, and then click Open

  3. The music files start copying to the Music Center

  4. Click OK after the restore completes

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