Using UPnP to play back music from a UPnP-enabled PC to Center or Station


  1. Check that you have installed Philips Media Manager (PMM) on your PC

  2. To launch PMM, double-click the desktop icon

    • The first time you launch PMM, click Add to specify your music folders on your PC

    • Music files in the folders are imported into PMM

    • The next time you launch PMM, PMM will start perform a lookup in the folders and automatically update its music collection

Play back music from the UPnP-enabled PC

  1. Switch off the firewall running on the UPnP-enabled PC

  2. Connect Center or Station to the UPnP device’s network

  3. In Center or Station, press Source on the remote control to select UPnP mode

  4. The Center or Station’s display shows a list of connected UPnP devices (up to 10)

    • "Server not found" appears if there is no UPnP device in the network

  5. Press to select your desired UPnP device, and then press to confirm

  6. In Center or Station, play from the music library of UPnP devices in the same way you play from hard disks (HD)

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