I cannot find the pictures that I transferred onto the device. What's wrong?


If you cannot find the pictures that you have transferred to your player, check the following:

  • You may have copied your pictures to the Portable Media Center using Windows Explorer. Only files synchronized using Windows Media Player will be viewable on your device.
  • The Philips Device Plug-in is not installed on your computer.
    • Immediately after you have transferred your pictures in Windows Media Player, you should see a Philips screen pop-up. If it does not appear, then the Plug-in is probably missing. To check whether this Plug-in is available on your computer, go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and check if Philips Device Plug-in is listed. If not, re-install the software from the installation CD2 or download it from
  • You may have disconnected your device from your computer too soon after the picture synchronization by Windows Media Player was finished.
    • Always wait for the Philips pop-up message to show and disappear before you disconnect your device.
  • Your pictures may not be in JPEG format.
    • Pictures in other formats cannot be transferred to your player.
  • The name of the folder that contain your pictures may be too long.
    • There is a limitation to the number of characters allowed in a folder's name. If it is over 128 characters it will not be supported.

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