How can I copy music tracks from the hard disk of the Music Center to a USB device?



- Recording is permissible if copyright or other rights of third parties are not infringed upon.

- For CDs encoded with copyright protection technologies by some record companies, recording is restricted.


  1. Check the USB device has been properly connected to Center

  2. On Center, press SOURCE once or more to select HD (or press HD on the remote control)

  3. Press  and to select your option and enter its list of tracks (if necessary)

  4. In the screen of track list, press RECORD (or press REC on the remote control)

  5. List of track checkboxes appears, press MARK•UNMARK to select or deselect the tracks to be recorded

    • To select/deselect all tracks, press and hold MARK• UNMARK

  6. Press RECORD to start recording. The display shows transferring ... . The number of tracks transferred/to be transferred appears.

  7. To stop recording, press STOP

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