How to set Alarm?


  1. In any mode, press HOME to enter the main menu.

  2. Press to select Alarm and then press .

  3. Press to select Alarm on to turn on the alarm and then press

  4. Press to select Alarm time and then press .

  5. Press or use the alphanumeric keys to input your desired Hour and Minute, then press .

  6. Press to select Repeat and then press .

  7. Press and to select the desired repeat mode.

    • Once: Activates the alarm only once

    • Daily: Repeats the alarm every day

    • Weekdays: Repeats the alarm on each weekday

    • Weekend: Repeats the alarm on each weekend

  8. Press to select Source and then press .

  9. Press and to select the desired alarm sound source.

    • Music: Select the music you desired.

    • Radio: Select the station you desired.

    • Buzzer

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