How do I connect the component video accessory device to the TV?


  1. Make sure that the TV and accessory device is switched off before you make any connection.
  2. The component connection requires 5 cables, which are 3 video cables and 2 audio cables.
  3. Use a set of component video cables (1), connect one end of the video cables to the component video output of the accessory device and the other end to the 'CVI..Y Pb Pr' inputs at the rear of the TV.
  4. Use a set of audio cables (2), connect one end of the audio cables to the audio right and left output connection of the accessory device and the other end to the 'AUDIO IN L & R' inputs on the rear of the TV.
  5. Switch on the accessory device, if it is a playback device, suchas DVD player or Recorder, insert a pre-recorded DVD disc and press the play button.
  6. Switch on the TV and press the 'AV' button on the remote control to display the SOURCE list and move your cursor up/down to select EXT 4.

Note:If you received no picture with good sound when connecting to the component video inputs (EXT 4) of the TV, do the following:

  1. Check that the accessory device is set to the output component video, as some accessory device requires the user to select the correct video type that the device is connected to.
  2. Switch off the progressive scan feature on the accessory device, if applicable, as the TV only accepts SD component video.
  3. For detail information, please refer to the accessory device manual.


3 video cables

2 audio cable

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