Progressive scan setting or picture problems, black and white picture, rolling/flipping picture, brightness pulses, bars in picture, distorted picture, or no picture


  • The disc does not match the TV color system standard (NTSC/PAL).
    • Check the region code of the disc to make sure it is ‘1’ or ‘All’.
  • Sometimes a small amount of picture distortion may appear.
    • This is not a malfunction.
  • Fingerprints and dust on the disc can cause poor picture quality and sound distortion.
    • Wipe the disc in straight lines from the center to the edge using a soft lint-free cloth. Do not user strong solvents such as alcohol, benzene, thinner, commercially available cleaners, or anti-static spray intended for older vinyl records.

  • Check the cable connections between the DVD player and the TV.
    • If using both audio and video, make sure they are connected to the same input, such as AV1 or DVD IN.
  • You may be in Progressive Scan mode.
    • To change back to Interlace mode:
      1. Disconnect the power cord from the power supply. 
      2. While holding down the D.DUBBING button on the front panel, connect the power cord to the power supply. The current time or "-- --: -- --" will appear on the display panel. Continue to hold the D.DUBBING button for 15 seconds and press STANDBY ON button on the front panel. The display screen will show “PHILIPS” and “READING CO2”. Under "NO DISC" on the panel display it will say "PRO". 
      3. To take the unit out of Progressive Scan, repeat the procedure.

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