The message DVD Disc is FULL appears when recording to a DVD Disc


  • Check the LENGTH and SIZE of the recording in the top right hand corner of the HDD list, next to the picture display.
  • Happens when the size of the recording exceeds the amount of space left on the DVD disc.
  • Lower recording quality of HDD and re-record track to decrease size of recording.
    (Recording quality cannot be changed for recorded tracks)

(Alternative Step) 
Divide the title to two different titles to decrease the size of the recording by performing the following:

  • Step 1) Divide Title (Once a title is divided, the process cannot be reversed) 

Press HDD on the remote control. The HDD content menu appears.

Use keys to highlight a title (recording) and press . The HDD title edit menu appears. 

If you have many HDD title recordings, use to view the previous/ next page of HDD titles for selection. 

In HDD title edit mode, use keys to highlight { Divide Title } and press OK. The edit title playback screen appears. 

During playback, use keys to navigate through the title. Press OK to divide the title the desired playback position. A warning message will appear. 

To confirm, select OK in the menu and press OK. A new title will be shown in the HDD title menu. 

To abort, select CANCEL and press OK.

  • Step 2) Record new title to DVD disc

Use keys to highlight the title/titles and press SELECT to mark the new title for copy to DVD. 

Press HDD on the remote control. Recording to the recordable DVD will begin. The dubbing icon will be displayed at the bottom right corner of the screen. Once complete, the icon will not be shown


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