Which video files does my player support?


Your player supports the following video types:

  1. Format: Sigmatel Motion Video (.smv)
  2. Frame rate: up to 11 fps
  3. Size up to QQVGA (160 x 128 pixels)

You can convert other video files format into the .smv format with Philips Video Converter, which you can install from the CD-ROM. The supported file types for the conversion includes:

  • .wmv ( Window media video format, WMV 7, WMV 8, WMV9 )

If you encounter the problem of converting the above formats, your PC may not have those Codec to support the conversion. You should download the Codec to support the specific video format from internet, please see table below for more information. ( Codec is the decoder which allow you to play the video on your PC

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