How do I restore my player with the factory setting?


  1. Launch the Philips Device Manager at Start->Programs->Philips Device Manager->Philips Device Manager on your PC and click Repair tab.
  2. Disconnect the device from PC, switch off the device
  3. Press and hold the button while connecting the device to the PC.
    Note: When you connect the device to PC for the first time in recovery mode, a hardware wizard will pop up to install the software. Please select "install the software automatically" and then click Next. During the installation, a warning message stating "The Software you are installing for this hardware has not passed Windows Logo testing.”, please select "Continue Anyway" and click Finish to complete the installation, this installation will not affect your PC. (The installation will only happen once when you restore your player at the first time.)

    If you have cancelled the hardware wizard without installing the software you may suffer from detection problem with Device Manager next time when you try to connect, to solve the problem please run the device detection patch in the attachment of the FAQs "My player is not recognized by PC" and go through step1 - 3 again of this FAQ.
  4. Keep holding the key until the Philips Device Manager acknowledges the recovery mode of your player.
  5. After the player has been repaired, click OK and disconnect from your PC.
  6. The player is ready for use again after restart.

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