There is picture but picture is interrupted every 5 sec when connected to accessory device (DVD, STB, PC) using HDMI to HDMI connection.


Three possible solutions:

  1. The communication is starting up. The HDCP compatibility check is busy. Please wait until the process is finished.
  2. If the picture continues to get interrupted : reselect the HDMI external source input by changing to whatever other source input from the AV menu and then switch back to the originally selected HDMI source input:
    1. Press AV button on the remote control
    2. Press cursor 1 line up from the HDMI external source that is selected by default and then press ok button
    3. Press AV again
    4. Press cursor 1 line down to return to original HDMI external source and press ok
    5. The synchronize process between TV and accessory device will start over again
  3. Reset (switch off and back on) the TV and also reset the accessory device.

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