Connecting WAK3300 to Philips Wireless Music Center.


  1. Place WAK3300 and Philips Wireless Music Center side by side.

  2. Press the navigation controls or and to select Philips Music Center.

  3. Check that the Center is switched on and is already in the HD source.

    • On the Center, select Add New Station.

      1. Press MENU to enter the MENU screen.

      2. Press the navigation controls or and to enter Station Mgnt menu.

      3. Press or and to select Add New Station.

    • On the WAK3300, The main menu will appear when WAK3300 is connected to the Center.

  4. On the Center, press STOP  after all the Stations are found.

  5. Unplug WAK3300 and relocate as desired.

Can not connect WAk3300 to Philips Wireless Music Center. 


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