What to do if the discovery of my extender is not working?


  • When configuring your Extender make sure your config switch is set to 2 when applying the cross connect cable OR config switch set to 3 when applying the ethernet cable linked to a router.
    Note that you can not configure the extender via a wireless connection.
  • The IP address will only work with the config switch set to 2, which is the cross connect cable direct computer connection option.
  • When configuring your Extender, the network switch must be set to network.  Otherwise it will not work.
  • It might occur that you are unable to discover the extender over the router, this can have the following reasons:
    • Your PC is in a different subnet
    • Your router doesn't support Multicasts or it has Multicasting disabled
    • You have a firewall blocking the connection
In case you have the Windows Firewall enabled on your Windows XP you can follow these steps in order to bypass the firewall:
  1.  Open Windows Firewall settings. 
  2. Switch to the "Advanced" tab in the property sheet. 
  3. In the Network Connection Settings, select the network you intend to use for discovering the extenders and click on the "Settings" button for the selected network connection which will open up another property sheet with all Services listed. 
  4. If the service by the name "UPnP (UDP)" is listed then check it, otherwise click on "Add" button to add a new service. Select the Port as "UDP" and internal and the external Port number as "1900" and also enter the IP Address or Name of the computer. To block this service again in the future either delete this service or uncheck it from the list of services.
If for some reason it still does not work, there is a final workaround;
Power off and power on the extender while the extender discovery tool is active and wait for a few seconds (at least 10 s).

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