List known Escient server issues


  • Multiple panels at the same time will slow down the response time.
  • When the song update in the list seems stuck, going back to home and returning to the Escient application usually solves the problem.
  • Avoid using the control panel while adding songs or making favourites/playlists on the Escient server. This can cause multiple connection problems. Adding new songs to Escient server can give problems in accessing these songs on the control panel. Especially ripping CD's to the harddisk can take several hours before it is shown properly on the control panel. Usually you can retrieve the new songs by checking the internal folder in the groups filter.
  • Connection problems can cause delays in controlling your Escient server.
  • If you see "unknown" in the control panel it means that the Escient server might struggle with an internal problem. In this case you need to rebuild indexes in the Advanced Options of the Escient server. Please use the following steps to do a database index rebuild on your Escient server: 
    1. Display the on-screen UI on TV 
    2. Press the Setup button on the remote – displays the Setup menu 
    3. Enter 8020 using the keypad on the remote – displays the Advanced Utilities menu 
    4. Select the Library Index Rebuild menu item 
    5. The Escient server will reboot and perform the index rebuild

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