How to configure the Extenders?


An extender can only be configured by use of an ethernet cable.
  • When configuring via a router make sure to have the Config Switch set to 3. Setting this switch will cause the extender to use DHCP even if it was configured with a fixed IP address before.
    If your computer is also connected to this network you can start to make a connection:
    Use the Extender Discovery tool which you can find in the Tools menu of ProntoEdit Professional. This tool will automatically open the configuration page of your extender.
  • When configuring directly connected to the computer, make sure to use a cross-linked ethernet cable and connect via the fixed IP address of the extender. The Extender will now serve as a DHCP server and give your computer an IP address.
    Typing the following address in your computer's browser will open the configuration page of your extender:

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