How to optimally configure the network?


  • Make sure to never use the Auto Channel option in your wireless network.
  • Use fixed IP addresses where possible (make sure that if you use DHCP that the server uses a different range than the fixed IP addresses).
  • Do not enable brand specific options on your access point like double speed.
  • Put the network speed on 'g only' if you have only g based devices. The control panel may not work with pre-n speed.
  • Only use access points or routers with proven quality whereas this can significantly influence the quality of your set-up.
  • Never disable 'broadcast your ssid' because this can cause serious delays in sending after wake-up.
  • Never configure more than one DHCP server within the same network.
  • Make sure your signal strength is good when configured 'in Network'.
  • When using DHCP make sure to set a long lease period.

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