No picture on TV / Deactivating Progressive Scan


  • Turn on your TV and set to the correct Video In channel for the recorder. You may go to the lowest channel available on your TV, then press the channel down key on your TV's remote control until you see the TV program.
  • Check the video connection between the recorder and the TV.
  • *IMPORTANT* Your recorder might have been set to Progressive Scan mode while your TV does not support Progressive Scan. Follow these steps to exit from Progressive Scan mode on your recorder:
    • Connect the supplied AV cable (red/white/yellow) from your recorder OUT2 on the rear panel to the TV's Video In and Audio In jacks.
    • Turn on the TV and use the TV's remote control to select the corresponding video-in channel on the TV. (eg., AV, EXT1).
    • Turn on the recorder and wait until the display panel shows a channel number. Press SETUP on the remote control once. The display panel will show 'MENU'. Enter the code "116811" and wait for the screen to be refreshed after a few seconds. The "Pro Scan" icon on the display panel will disappear.

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