Password setup


  1. Press System on the remote control to enter the system setup page.
  2. Use the navigation keys to highlight Password Mode.

  3. Press .

  4. Activate the password by selecting On,

  5. Use the navigation keys to highlight Password.

  6. Press OK to open the page for entering a new password.
  7. Enter the existing 4-digit code.

  8. Enter the new 4-digit code.

  9. Enter the new 4-digit code a second time for confirmation.

  10. Press OK to confirm the setting.

The default password (1234) is always active, even if the password has been changed.

If the password has been changed, the parental and disc-lock code will also be changed.

To deactivate the password

  • Select Off as the Password Mode setting.

  • Enter nothing when the new password is required.

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