The installation wizard on the CD doesn't work, can I install the Wireless Base Station manually?


Yes, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Make sure your network adapter is set to receive an IP address automatically
Click Start => Control Panel
double click on Network Connections 

Right-mouse click the Ethernet port that is connected to the Wireless Base Station
Click on Properties 

Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) [1] and click on Properties [2]

Checkmark Obtain an IP address automatically 

Click OK an click OK in the 'Ethernet port Properties' window

Step 2: Determine the IP address of your Wireless Base Station
Click Start => Run

Type cmd and click OK

In the Dos window type ipconfig followed by Enter

The Default Gateway shows the IP address of the Wireless Base Station ( in this example)

Step 3: Browse to your Wireless Base Station
Open Internet Explorer and type the Default Gateway address ( in this example) in the Address bar

 Click Go

You should now see the setup page

If this is not the case :
Make sure that the cables are connected correctly at the PC side and the Wireless Base Station side (Lan1 port)
Perform step 1 for all network adapters
In the Dos window type ipconfig /renew and wait a minute or so. Windows should now have received an IP address from the Wireless Base Station.

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