Can I use Digital Photo Frame to delete photos on my memory card?


Yes, it has a function to delete photos on external devices such as a memory cards.

  1. Press the 'MENU' button to access the Main Menu.
  2. Navigate right or press the 'OK' button to access the slideshow menu.

  3. Navigate down to selected the memory card’s source to browse.
  4. Navigate right to enter the required album.

  5. Navigate right to view the photos in the chosen album.

  6. Press the navigation buttons to switch between photos.  
  7. Press the 'OK' button to select individual images.
  8. Press the 'OK' button for 3 seconds to select all visible thumbnails.
  9. Once all required photos have been selected press the 'MENU' button.

  10. Navigate down to select YES delete.  
  11. Press 'OK' to confirm delete.

    When you delete a photo, Photo Frame will show the status and return to the album after completion.

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