How do I connect my DVP via HDMI?


  1. Connect the HDMI-connection of your DVP with an HDMI-cable (Not Supplied) to the/a HDMI-connection on your TV.

  2. Switch the TV and the DVP on. Select the HDMI as the source or input on your TV. The settings on your DVP may be adjusted automatically to the best possible resolution for you TV. If not you can change the resolution of the picture manually by pressing the HDMI-upscale button on your DVP-device or in the HDMI setup menu.


 - After performing the proper connections: You may need to go into the Digital Audio Setup on the DVD Player located in the audio setup page and select the setting that matches your stereo. In most cases, ALL or PCM is the correct setting. You may also need to activate the HDMI Audio to ON in the audio setup page.

Press SETUP on the remote control.
Press to select { Audio Setup Page }
Press @ to select { Digital Audio Setup }, then press to access.
Press to select { HDMI Audio Setup }, then press to access.
Select { On } to turn on the audio when connected via HDMI.

- If your TV has a DVI IN socket, you need a HDMI-DVI adapter cable(Not Supplied) to connect the HDMI OUT socket on the DVD player.
- This HDMI-DVI cable has only video output capability. You will need to use the L/R audio connections for audio output capability.


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