Why do I have picture but no sound?


1. Make sure you connect the plugs of your connection-cables well to the devices

2. On some TV’s the audio connection is corresponding to a certain video connection, for example an HDMI-DVI or YPbPr-connection. When you use a different audio-connection it will not work. This is indicated at the connection itself or refer to the manual of your TV

3. Check you didn’t mute your TV

4. Turn up the volume of your amplifier. The sound from your DVP may be weaker than the sound coming from other sources

5. When connected with scart: change the direction of your scart cable. Put the plug that is connected to your DVP into your TV and the plug that is connected to your TV into your DVP

6. When connected with HDMI:

Your TV doesn’t accept surround sound through HDMI.

Press setup on the remote control of your DVP.
· Go to the Audio Setup icon with the button
· Press to select DIGITAL AUDIO SETUP and press
· Go to DIGITAL OUTPUT with the cursor buttons and press
· Go to PCM ONLY with  and press OK to confirm
· Press setup to leave the menu.

The DVP sends stereo sound to your TV now.

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