I have inserted a adapter/card into the Common Interface (CI) slot and after switching on the TV, the TV does nothing?


There is a possibility that you may have inserted the adaptor/card in the wrong orientation. If the adaptor/card is not inserted properly, the 'Conditional Access Module' item will not be displayed on the screen.

Please refer to the steps on how to confirm that the CAM or module is inserted correctly.

  1. Press the 'DIGITAL/MENU' button to switch the TV to Digital mode.
  2. Press the cursor up/down to 'ACCESS RESTRICTIONS' and press cursor right and move your cursor down to 'CONDITONAL ACCESS MODULE'.

  3. Press the cursor right and press 'OK' button to enter the CI menu.

  4. If the CAM is working, it will enable you to access the submenu generated by the CA module.
    Note: If the last item 'Conditional Access Module' is not displayed, your adapter / card is not properly inserted. Switch off the TV and try again.

Always switch the TV off before inserting or removing the module.
The functions that appears on the screen are dependent on the contents of the selected Conditional Access Module in your country. Please refer to the instruction supplied with the module or contact your local vendor for support.

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