How do I set the options for parental guidance?


  1. Press SETUP on the remote control to enter the Setup menu.
  2. Use the navigation keys  to highlight General and press OK.
  3. Use the navigation keys to highlight Parental and press OK.
  4. Use the navigation keys to select the guidance level that you wish to apply. 
    • 1 KID SAF
    • 2 G
    • 3 PG
    • 4 PG 13
    • 5 PGR
    • 6 R
    • 7 NC 17
    • 8 ADULT 

      Click here for a detailed description of the ratings and comparable ratings in other countries.
  5. Enter the password with the numerical keypad on the remote control. 

    The default password is 1369.
  6. Press OK to confirm your setting. 


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