I cannot add any SE430 or SE 435 additional handset to my SE430 or SE435 base station. How do I solve this issue?


Up to 5 handsets can be registered to one base station. Please make sure you did not reach the maximum number of handets registered to your SE430 or SE435 base station.

Warning: If you no longer use a handset, you have to unregister it from the base station in order to free the corresponding memory slot in the base station and to be able to register a new one.

If you did not reach the maximum number of handsets registered to your base station, it means that there might be a software issue responsible for this failure.

To solve it, you will need to reset the base station software:

Warning: before starting this reset procedure, be aware that all the existing handsets will get unregistered from the base station. You will have to register them all back to the base station manually.

Base reset procedure:

1. Unplug the base station from the mains
2. Press and hold the paging key from the base station and while pressing it, plug back the base station power supply to the mains.
3. Keep on pressing the paging key at least 10 seconds.

N. B this will not erase the answering machine parameters (Personal Outgoing Message for instance) nor your phonebook wich is being part of the handset memory.

To register your handset(s) back to the base station

1. Select Menu
2. Select Advanced Set
3. Scroll down and select Registration
4. Press and hold (3 or 4 seconds) the paging key from the base station
5. Press OK to enter the Registration menu
6. Key in your 4 digit PIN code (0000 by default)
7. Press OK
8. Wait a few seconds, Registering ... is displayed
9. The unused handset numbers will be shown (1, 2 3, 4, 5 if all are unused) and you can select a handset number by entering one of these numbers directly.
10. The handset goes back to idle mode after 1 to 5 seconds and will display the number you had selected (example: PHILIPS 1)

You can now start using your handset. Should you wish to add another handset to the base station, please follwow-up the same procedure as the one you just did.
N.B. it is no longer needed to reset the base station

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