How do I assemble and install the car mounting kit at the back of my car seat?


  1. DVD player fasten screw node
  2. View angle adjust node
  3. Buckle release button
  4. Headrest mounting bracket

A Fix the headrest mounting bracket on to the car seat headrest

  1. Position the bracket on the bars of the headrest
  2. Fasten the screw to fix the bracket firmly on the bars

B Fix the DVD mount bracket to the portable DVD player

  1. There are 3 holes on the bracket that you can use according to your preference
  2. Aim the screw of the bracket to the screw nut on the back of the DVD
  3. Screw tight the bracket onto the DVD player

C Install the DVD player to the headrest
• Buckle DVD bracket into the headrest bracket

D Adjust the view angle

  1. Release the node on the side
  2. Adjust the viewing angle as desired
  3. Fasten the node to fix the position

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