How do I set a timer recording?


Before you can do a timer recording, you must:

Program the TV channels at the DVD/VCR.
Set the clock.
See FAQ’s or Manual for details.

  1. Put a tape in the cassette compartment of the DVD/VCR. Make sure the tape’s record tab is intact and the tape is long enough to record the program(s).
  2. Press VCR button on the remote so VCR light appears on the front of the DVD/VCR.
  3. Press DISC/VCR MENU on the remote so MENU appears. 
  4. Press .
  5. Press or to select an empty program. Then, press .
  6. Press or to select ONCE, DAILY or WEEKLY. Then, press .
    • ONCE - The VCR will record a TV program on any day you choose, up to 12 months away.
    • DAILY - The VCR will record a TV program at the same time on the same channel every day, Monday through Friday. (Only programs that will air Monday-Friday can be recorded on a DAILY basis. If you select DAILY, then enter a Saturday or Sunday DATE, the correct program will not be recorded. Select weekly for Saturday or Sunday recording.)
    • WEEKLY - The VCR will record a TV program at the same time on the same channel every week, for example, every Monday.
  7. To enter the recording date, press  or until the month appears. Then, press .  Press or until the day appears. Then, press .  The day of the week will appear.
  8. To enter the recording’s start time, press  or until the hour appears. Press .  Press or until the minute appears. Press .  Finally, press  or to point to AM or PM. Press .
  9. Repeat the procedure in step 8 to set the recording’s end time.
  10. Press  or until the channel number appears. Then, press .
    • If you are connected to the AUDIO IN and VIDEO IN jacks on the back of the DVD/VCR, choose L1.
    • If you are connected to the AUDIO and VIDEO IN jacks on the front of the DVD/VCR, choose L2.
    • If your Cable Box is connected through L1 or L2 you will also need to set the Cable Box to the channel you want to record and leave the Cable Box on for the timer recording.
    • If you are connected to a Satellite Receiver you will need to set correct input channel for satellite (03, 63, L1, L2, etc.) Leave the receiver on and set it to channel you want to record.
  11. Press  or to select a recording tape speed. The arrow will appear beside your choice. 
  12. Press CLEAR/RESET on the remote to store. You are programmed to record, but actually recording will not take place. You can use all VCR functions at this point.
  13. Once you are ready to record: Press TIMER SET. The DVD/VCR will either go into standby mode and will appear in the display panel or switch to DVD mode. The VCR is locked in timer record mode. You will not be able to use any VCR functions until recording is complete and/or you press the TIMER SET button on the remote or remove the tape. The DVD can be used normally when VCR is in timer mode.

The VCR will not do any timer recordings if it is not in timer mode. So, if you use the VCR before or between timer recordings or change tapes, be sure to set the timer recording mode by pressing the TIMER SET button of the remote. A  will be displayed when DVD/VCR is in standby.

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