How Can I set the alarm?


The unit can simultaneously set two different alarms

  1. Setting alarm time

    1. Press briefly ALM 1 or ALM 2 to display AL1 or AL2 icon.

    2. Press and hold ALM 1/ ALM 2 for 2 seconds.

    3. Hold down or press TUNING +/- repeatedly to adjust the hours.

    4. Press ALM 1/ALM 2 to confirm the setting.

    5. Repeat step 3-4 to set the minutes.

  2. Selecting alarm mode

    1. Press RADIO ON/OFF to switch to standby.

    2. Select your choice of alarm mode: either radio, or buzzer by using the RADIO•BUZ slider.

    3. Press ALM 1/ALM 2 once or more to display .

At the set alarm time, radio or buzzer will switch on automatically.

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