How do you activate One-Touch Timer Recording (OTR)?


  1. Press [OPEN/CLOSE] to open the disc tray and insert your disc with its label facing up.
  2. Press [OPEN/CLOSE] to close the disc tray.
    • When inserting a brand-new DVD+RW/DVD-RW, the unit automatically starts to format. 
    • If titles have been recorded on the disc, the title list is displayed. Press [STOP] to exit the title list.
  3. Press [REC MODE] to select a recording mode.
  4. Press [DTV/TV] to select analog TV or digital TV, then use [CH + / - ] or [the Number buttons] to select a desired channel to record.
  5. Press [REC ] repeatedly until the desired recording time (30 minutes to 6 hours) appears on the TV screen.
    (eg: Press [REC ] 3 times for 1hr 30 mins timer recording and press [REC ] 6 times for 3hrs timer recording)

~The remaining recording time will be displayed on the front panel display during one-touch timer recording. Press [INFO] to see it on the TV screen. 

~ Unlike the timer recording, you can perform the following operations during one-touch timer recording.
    - Turning off the power to stop one-touch timer recording.
    - Using [REC ] or [STOP] on the remote control.

~ You cannot use the pause function during one-touch timer recording. 

~ When one-touch timer recording is finished and the power is turned off, the unit will switch to the timer-standby mode automatically if a timer recording has been programmed. Press [STANDBY-ON] to cancel the timer standby mode to use the unit continuously

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