How do you turn on Progressive Scan?


  1. Press SETUP
  2. Use [ / ] to select "Playback" / "General Setting", then press [OK]
  3. Use [ / ] to select "Video"
  4. Select "Progressive Scan" and press [OK]
  5. Use [ / ] to select "ON", then press [OK]
  6. The screen below is displayed (Example):
  7. Select "Yes" to proceed with turning on Progressive Scan
  8. If your TV does not support Progressive Scan, you may see a blank screen. Auto recovery will be activated within 15 seconds and the DVD Setup screen will be shown again.


  • If your TV is compatible with progressive scan (525p / 480p), you are recommended to use the HDMI or component video cable (commercially available) to connect this unit to the TV. (Refer to “Method 3” or “Method 4” on pages 16 and 17 in your user manual.) If not, use the RCA video cable and set the progressive scan to “OFF” or press and hold [SETUP] for more than 3 seconds during DVD playback. 
  • When selecting “No” or not pressing any buttons on the unit or remote control within 15 seconds at step 3, progressive scan remains to be “OFF” (interlace scan).

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