How can I make my DVD +RW or –RW disc playback on other devices?


The DVD recorder adapts the disc menu of the DVD+RW or DVD-RW after every recording you make on it. You can always play the DVD back on the same DVD recorder.

To make it playback on a different device (such as PC, other DVD recorder or DVD player) you have to make the disc compatible:

1. Insert the RW disc in the recorder.
2. The index picture screen appears on the TV.
3. Select the first title of the disc with the cursor buttons.
4. Press and hold it.
5. The disc editing menu appears. Press 
6. Go to MAKE COMPATIBLE with the cursor buttons and press OK. The process may take some seconds.
7. Press DVD on the remote control to exit the menu.

Note: The option “make compatible” will only be available if the disc was recorded and edited on the same DVD recorder and if the disc is re-writable. If the disc was recorded and/or edited on a different device you have to make it compatible on that device.

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