How can I get picture when I connect the device to my TV?


  • Select the correct source (external connection) on the TV. Refer to the user's manual of the TV.
  • Select the correct source on the remote control of the device.
  • If you connected the device with HDMI to the TV, check the HDMI setting.( Details please find from the following HDMI Setting)
  • Check the connections and the connection cable.
  • Try the cable with another device. If there is no picture the cable might be faulty.
  • Try the device on another TV with the same cable. If there is no picture the device might be faulty. If there is picture the TV you connected to first might be faulty.

HDMI Setting( Example Only )

  1. Check which video resolution is supported by the TV. Refer to the user's manual of the TV.
  2. Set HDMI to ON and set the correct video output resolution.
    1. Press SYSTEM MENU on the remote control.
    2. Select the VIDEO SETUP PAGE with the cursor button right and press cursor button down. The VIDEO SETUP PAGE appears.
    3. Select HDMI SETUP with the cursor button down and press cursor button right. The HDMI SETUP PAGE appears.
    4. Select HDMI and press cursor button right.
    5. Set HDMI to ON with the cursor button up or down.
    6. Press cursor button left.
    7. Select RESOLUTION with the cursor button down.
    8. Set RESOLUTION to the highest value the TV supports.
    9. Press SYSTEM MENU to exit the menu.

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