Timer setting.


The system can switch on to CD or TUNER mode automatically at a preset time, serving as an alarm to wake you up.

Before setting the timer, ensure that the clock is set correctly. ( How to set clock? )

  1. Press and hold CLOCK•TIMER( or TIMER on the remote control )  for more than two seconds to select timer mode.

  2. Press SOURCE (CD or TUNER on the remote) to select the desired source.

    • CD – Load the disc(s). You can press DISC 1/2/3/4 (CD 1/2/3/4 on the remote) to select the specific disc.

    • TUNER – tune to the desired radio station.

    • USB – connect a USB mass storage device.

  3. Press ALBUM-/+ (  on the remote) repeatedly to set the hour for the timer to start.

  4. Press TITLE -/+ (ALBUM/PRESET +/- on the remote) repeatedly to set the minute for the timer to start.

  5. Press CLOCK•TIMER (TIMER on the remote) to store the start time.

To exit without storing the setting, press on the system.

To deactivate the TIMER, Press TIMER ON/OFF on the remote control until disappears.


  • When the preset time is reached and the selected disc tray is empty, the next available disc will be selected. If all the disc trays are not available, Tuner will be selected automatically.

  • During timer setting, if no button is pressed within 70 seconds, the system will exit timer setting mode automatically.


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