What is Windows Vistaâ„¢? And does my player support it


Windows Vista™ is the successor to Windows XP, a new version of Operating System from Microsoft.

What are the Windows Vista™ System Requirements?
We recommend you consult this Microsoft Technet article:

I am considering to upgrade my PC to Windows Vista.
As you may experience partial functionality with the new Windows Vista Operating System and your Philips Device, it is advised to keep your existing Windows Operating System and install Windows Vista in a dual boot configuration only until new Software for your Philips MP3 Player is available.

What are native drivers?
The Microsoft operating system usually comes with a set of software files which allow the operating system to recognize and control the functionality of portable device and those software files are known as native drivers. Windows Vista will also include native operating system support for some Philips products while others will require you to acquire software from Philips.

As software may not be available for some or all of the players, it is recommended to keep your existing Windows version and install Windows Vista in a dual boot configuration in order to retain the functionality of your player.

Is my player compatible with Windows Media Player 11 under Windows Vista™? 
The Firmware upgrade functionality of the device manager/firmware manager PC software of your player will not function under Windows Vista and there is no update planned please use the prescribed OS (Windows XP).

If you have upgraded to Windows Vista and have found that your Philips MP3 Player does not function correctly or not recognized by the computer.
Some Versions of Windows Vista Operting Systems may not be fully functional with MTP devices, if your player is a MTP device you may need to download and install the Micorsoft Media Restore Pack from Microsoft. We will provide a link to the Media Restore Pack when it becomes available.

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