How to connect unit to a TV


  1. Remove the main unit’s rear cover by pushing down from the cover top.

  2. Click on either options below on the different connections to connect unit to the TV:

    Option 1: Using Scart(Available to Europe Only)

    Option 2: Using a Video Jack(Available to regions other than Europe)

    Option 3: Using HDMI(Available to all regions)

    Scart Connection (Europe sets only) Use the scart cable to connect the SCART OUT (TV1) socket on the main unit to the corresponding SCART input socket on the TV.

    Helpful Hint:
    – To hear the TV programmes through this Home Theatre System, press TV button on the remote control to select ‘TV1’

    Video Jack Connection (All other regions outside of Europe)
    Connect a composite video cable (supplied) from the VIDEO OUT jack on the main unit to the video input jack (or labeled as A/V In, Video In, Composite or Baseband) on the TV.

    HDMI Connection (All Regions)
    HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a digital interface that allows pure digital video transmission without the loss of image quality.

    Use a HDMI cable (Not Supplied) to connect the HDMI OUT on the main unit to the HDMI IN on a HDMI compatible device (e.g., HDMI TV, HDCP compliant DVI TV).

    When you have completed the necessary connections, installation and set-up, see ‘Audio Setup Page and Video Setup Page’ for optimum HDMI audio and video settings.

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