I am getting no display on the main screen of my DVD player when trying to playback video from iPod. What's wrong?


  • Your DVD player may not be fully charged or have no power connected.
    • Connect the supplied power adaptor cord (or the car adaptor) to the player and the wall outlet (or the car cigarette lighter outlet) to start charging.
      • The CHG indicator turns green.
      • When the battery is fully charged, the indicator turns off.
  • You may not have your iPod connected properly to the DVD player
    1. Pull out the iPod connector.
    2. Dock your iPod player with the top entering first.
    3. Push in the iPod connector.
  • You may not have the right playback Source selected on your DVD player and the iPod
    • Select iPod as the source on your DVD player by using the SOURCE button on the unit or DOCK button on the remote.
    • Under Video Settings on you iPod, be sure to set "TV OUT" to "ON" and "TV Signal" to "NTSC". (See you iPod user's manual for detailed operation)

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