Why does my timer recording not start?


The DVD recorder will only be able to execute a programmed recording if it is on standby.

If you leave the DVD recorder ON, it will display a pop-up window requesting your confirmation. If you do not confirm this message, the recording does not start. 

If you have programmed the recording with the VPS/PDC function, you need to verify with your provider that the VPS/PDC signal is broadcasted with this channel. 
(See the FAQ: What is VPS/PDC?) 

Make sure that the time and date on your recorder are synchronized with your provider´s signal.

If have programmed a recording with the ShowView function, you may have introduced incorrect data. Verify both the country setting of your recorder and the showview code. 

If you are recording the signal coming in through an external receiver (Set Top Box), remember that the signal is received by the external device and not by your recorder.  Therefore you need to make sure that the external receiver is switched on, your recorder is on standbye and that the both devices are synchronized.

If you want to use the SAT record feature, be sure to switch it on in the recorder´s set-up menu.

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