Why does the Blu-Ray player keep ejecting the disc?


There are two possible reasons on why the Blu-Ray will eject the disc:

1. Disc is not compatible or readable

  • HD-DVD discs are not supported. Therefore, when a HD-DVD disc is inserted, the player will automatically eject the disc.
  • Compatible discs include:
    • BD: BD-ROM, BD-RE
      DVD: DVDVIDEO, DVD+RW (4.7 GB), DVD-RW (4.7 GB), DVD+R (4.7 GB) DVD-R (4.7 GB)

2. Disc cannot be played in current set-up.

  • When the Blu-ray player is connected in standard resolution ( CVBS, S-Video) and a Blu-ray disc is inserted after reading the disc, there will be a message "Please change resolution or connection to play the disc". At the same time, the disc will be ejected.
  • Please connect the player to a TV using HDMI connection or Component (Red, Green, Blue) for playback of Blu-Ray discs.

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