How can I mount my device?


Ask a friend to help out. An extra hand to hold the unit makes mounting easier and quicker

Drill holes inside the cabinet

  1. Cut the template to fit inside the cabinet( The template could be found from the package).
  2. Align the template border marked FRONT along the front edge of your cabinet.
  3. Use adhesive tape to fix the template.
  4. Drill 1/4 inch holes, as marked X on the template.
  5. Remove the template when you finish drilling.


  • Use a nail to start each drill hole.

Using the spacers

On the spacers, there are 4 pairs of notch length options. Depending on the thickness of you cabinet bottom (with/ without an overhang), these notch lengths correspond to the 4 notch height in the space holders, and allow you to adjust to the best height to help you mount the unit.

  1. Measure the height of the cabinet bottom and/overhang.
  2. Turn the spacer counterclockwise to determine which of the 4 heights is most suitable: Low • • High. Align to the arrow indication.
  3. Insert the spacers accordingly.

Mount the device

Manually fasten the 4 screws down into the spacer holder holes to mount your set. Start screwing at opposite corners of the unit for better support.



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