How can I connect several external devices to my TV?


There are several ways to connect external devices to the TV. The connections you choose are dependant of the use you want to make of the configuration of devices.

Note: for the connection of a PC and the X-box 360 refer to the FAQ’s on this subject.

  • The most complete connection available on your TV is the HDMI connection. This connection accepts high definition (HD) signals from external devices, like a digital Set Top Box, a DVD-player or a game console, as well as digital sound. The external device must have an HDMI OUT or a DVI OUT connection. If you connect from DVI-D to HDMI you have to connect a separate audio cable as well.
  • If you want to connect more than two of this kind of external devices or your device does not have an HDMI or DVI connection, the YPbPr- (or component-) connection (EXT 3) is a good choice when it is also available as an output connection on your external device. This is an analogue connection. Connect the corresponding audio with a cable with red and white cinch on one side and a 3,5 mm. stereo jack connector on the other side.
  • The two scart connections on this TV have slightly different characteristics. EXT1 and EXT2 accept and send RGB signals (IN and OUT). These signals give a higher picture quality than S-video and CVBS signals. S-video is only available on EXT2.
    EXT2 has Easy-link which gives you the opportunity to install external devices (for example DVD- and video-recorders) in an easy way.
  • Connect devices that don’t have a scart connection like a camera on the side connections (S-video, CVBS and USB).

After connecting several devices you select any one of them with the AV button on the remote control of your TV. When you press this button repeatedly you select the external connections alternatively. The USB-connection is accessed automatically when you insert a USB device. You enter the USB-connection manually by pressing the Menu/browser button on the remote control. Select MULTIMEDIA and the USB device.

  • Use the common interface slot to introduce a module and a smart card to the TV. With the smart card in the TV you can watch encrypted digital terrestrial TV, depending on the provider of this service. The service is not available in every country.
  • Connect an audio device (home cinema set, amplifier) to the audio OUT connection at the back of the TV to hear the sound of the TV through your audio system. The connection can be analogue (red and white cinch) or digital.
  • Connect a headphone to the side connector. Adapt the headphone volume separately in the SOUND MENU.

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