How can I get full screen picture from my PC?


You connected the PC through HDMI or RGB-HV to the TV. The picture you get from the PC has black bars or is smaller than the TV screen.

  1. Set the resolution of the PC to the maximum resolution the TV can handle: 1024 x 768 (60 Hz) or the video formats 720p or 1080i.
  2. Set the connection of the TV to ’PC’:
    • Switch the PC off.
    • Press MENU/BROWSER button on the remote control of the TV. The main menu appears.
    • Select TV MENU and press cursor right. The TV menu appears on screen.
    • Select INSTALLATION and press cursor right. The installation menu is moved to the left.
    • Select CONNECTIONS and press cursor right. The connections menu is moved to the left.
    • Select the connection where the PC is connected. A list with external devices appears.
    • Select PC and press OK.
    • Press MENU/BROWSER to exit the menu.
    • Press OPTION button on the remote control. The quick access menu appears.
    • Select PICTURE FORMAT and press cursor right.
    • Select AUTOFORMAT.
    • Press OPTION button to exit the menu.
    • Switch the PC on.

  3. If the picture is still not displayed properly, verify that the latest software version is installed in the TV. You find the latest software on the left hand side of this web page.
    • Click SOFTWARE AND DRIVERS. An English zip file appears.
    • Click this file. A file download window appears.
    • Click OPEN. A read-me file appears.
    • Follow the instructions carefully.

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