Why does my timer recording not record as scheduled?


  1. Make sure the time and date is set correctly. Be sure to check that you have selected AM or PM correctly.
  2. Make sure the disc that you are trying to record on is supported by the set.(Check the User Manual for more information)
  3. When using a DVD+R or DVD-R for recording, make sure it is not finalized before.
  4. Check the disc for fingerprints, smudges or scratches.
  5. When using a Cable/Satellite Box, it MUST be turned on and tuned to the channel you want to record. You must set the Timer Recording to record on the appropriate Channel(Ch3 or 4) or external input of the DVD Recorder.
    Note: You may turn off the TV whilst recording is in process.
  6. When programming the Start and End times of the Timer Recording, ensure that the Start time has the correct time for the program and that AM or PM is selected correctly.
  7. Make sure the DVD Recorder is turned to Standby after everything is programmed.

Helpful Hints:

  • Most of the DVD Recorders will not start recording unless there is a signal present on the Channel or External input you have selected.
  • Most VCR's will record SNOWY pictures when no signal is present.
  • Make sure the is enough room/space left on the disc to hold the recording.
  • Changing the Record Mode can help fit more recording time on the disc.

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