Why do I see a rolling/twisted picture when I connected using Component(Y Pb Pr) but not when using HDMI?


When using HDMI, the progressive scan mode on the player is automatically switched ON. When you switch over to Component connection, the progressive scan mode still remains switched ON. The rolling/twisted picture will be seen when your TV does not support progressive scan.

Perform the following steps to deactivate progressive scan manually (Make sure HDMI Cable is unplugged from the player):

  1. Press Open/Close button on the DVD player or on the remote control  to open the disc tray.
  2. Press numeric keypad '1' on the remote control for a few seconds. 
    The DVD background screen will appear.
  3. Progressive scan mode is now deactivated.

Please download and update the latest firmware update version 14 which is available here. It will enable the player to switch OFF Progressive Scan mode automatically once the HDMI cable is unplugged.

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