How can I improve the picture quality?


  • Check the cables and the connections.
  • Make your cables as short as possible.
  • Use good cables. A scart cable should be fully screened.
  • Verify the connections of the TV.
  • If you use an external receiver make sure the video output setting of the receiver is set to RGB.
  • If you use a Set Top Box (STB) to receive and record TV channels:
    Most STB’s send a CVBS-signal and not an RGB-signal through the second scart connection (called TO VCR, or VCR/DVD, …). If you have connected the DVD recorder to this connection you do not get the optimum picture quality.
    Connect the scart cable from the scart socket on the STB called TO TV to EXT 2 of the DVD recorder. See FAQ “How can I connect external devices to the recorder?”
    • Note: if you connect an STB with scart connect the DVD recorder to the TV with scart as well.
  • If bad picture quality only occurs with one or a few channels check with the provider that there are no problems with the broadcasting of these channels. There is nothing wrong with the recorder.
    • Do a manual channel search for these channel(s).
    • Do a manual channel search for these channel(s) on a different program number of the DVD recorder.

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