Why does my player not play back my DivX files or play them back incorrectly?


  • Make sure the movie is created in one of the following DivX versions: DivX 3.11, DivX 4 or DivX 5.xx (the xx can be: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 10 or 11). This DVD player does not support DivX 6.
  • The maximum size of a DivX-file is 2 Gb. Create a file with a lower sampling rate or create multiple files.
  • Make sure that the extension of the filename is correct. You can verify this using a computer with a CD-ROM drive. For the movie itself the correct extension is .AVI. For the (separate!) subtitle file the correct extension is .SRT or .SUB.
  • The name of the subtitle file needs to be identical to the name of the corresponding movie.
  • Use the correct method to select the title that you want to see:
    • Insert the disc and select the subtitle file in the disc menu.
    • Press SUBTITLE on the remote control of the DVD player. “Subtitle on” will appear in the top of the screen.
    • Select the movie file in the disc menu and press OK or PLAY. “Reading index” will appear on screen. The movie will start.
  • Upgrade the software of your DVD player. You can find the latest software update by clicking the ´Software and drivers´ link on the left of your product´s support page. For detailed instructions on updating the software, please click on the ´Release notes and/or installation instructions´ link on the download page.
  • This DVD player does not support the DivX HD, MKV, Q-pel, and  GMC container formats. DivX-files that are obtained from peer-to-peer services may not be in a supported format. If your player does not support a certain video file, you can download one of the widely available conversion programs to change its format. 
  • Try to play the file on a computer. If your computer does not play back the file either, the source data is probably corrupt or damaged.

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