How can I improve the picture quality of my TV?


  1. Check the incoming signal. Splitting the signal will make it considerably weaker.
    • Test the incoming signal with a different TV on the same condition.
    • Test your TV on a different connection or source.
  2.  Check your cables and cable connections.
    • Make all your cables connections as short as possible.
    • Use only fully screened scart cables.
    • Use good antenna cables.
    • Connect the plugs well into their sockets.
  3. Change the picture settings on your TV. The standard settings are set to match the conditions in a TV shop.
    • Press the 'SMART' picture button on the remote control to select the pre-set picture settings such as RICH, NATURAL, SOFT or MULTIMEDIA mode that will give you the best picture quality.

Alternatively, you can set your personal picture preference by doing the steps below:

      1. Press the 'SMART' picture button on your remote control.
      2. Press the 'MENU' button on the remote control.
      3. Select PICTURE and press cursor right to enter the picture setting menu.
      4. Adjust the settings according to your preference.
      5. Press 'i+' to exit the menu. 
  1. Switch 'ACTIVE CONTROL'   button on the remote control on or off.
    • Press the active control button on the remote control repeatedly to activate  the ACTIVE CONTROL. feature.
    • The menu will disappear from your screen automatically after a few seconds.

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