Why does the music playback stop when playing a JPEG slideshow?


When you are connected via HDMI, and the HDMI Video resolution is upscaled to 720p/1080i/1080p, music playback will stop when playing back a JPEG slideshow. To enjoy the music playback while viewing the JPEG slideshow, kindly turn the HD JPEG setting to OFF or set your HDMI video resolution to 480p/576p:

  1. Press SETUP on the remote control.  The system setup menu appears. 
  2. Press to select { Video Setup Page }. 
  3. Press to select { HD JPEG } or { HDMI Video Resolution }, then press to access.
  4. If you have selected { HD JPEG}, select the setting { OFF } and press OK
    If you have selected { HDMI Video Resolution }, select { 480p } or { 576p } and press OK.
  5. Once the steps above are completed, you will be able to enjoy music playback and JPEG slideshow simultaneously.

Note: You can also press the HD UPSCALE button on the DVD player front panel to switch between HDMI video resolutions.

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