How can I improve the picture quality?


Several factors may cause the picture quality to be less than optimal:

  • the cables
    • First make sure that alle cables are inserted firmly into the appropriate sockets.
    • Verify if the cables are intact by using other cables to connect the devices adn using the same cable to connect other devices.
    • Make your cables as short as possible.
    • Use good quality cables. If you connect the devices by SCART, buying double screened SCART cables with gold plated connectors is a good investment. 
  • the settings
    • Try a different connection to the TV. The COMPONENT VIDEO OUT connection might provide a better picture quality than the SCART connection.
    • Check whether your TV supports progressive scan signals and set the PROGRESSIVE option in the VIDEO OUTPUT menu to ON.
    • If you use an external receiver,  verify whether the video output of the receiver is set to RGB.
  • the connections
    • If you receive TV channels via an external receiver, keep in mind that most Set-top boxes use the secondary SCART connection (usually labelled as TO VCR or VCR/DVD) to send a CVBS-signal in stead of an RGB-signal
    • If you have connected the DVD recorder to the secondary SCART connection, you will be unable to obtain an optimal picture quality. Use the SCART connector on the Set-top box that is labelled EXT1 or TO TV. Please refer to the dedicated FAQs on connecting external devices

If the picture quality is bad on specific channels only, the issue is not related to your device and you should verify with your provider whether these channels are transmitted properly.

We also advise you to execute a
manual channel search under both the current and a different program number. Make sure that the signal is received at nearly full strength.

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